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  Global Journal of Physical Chemistry. Volume 1, Issue 2 (2010) pp. 161-171
  Research Article
IR, 1H NMR, UV-Vis, Fluorescence Spectra and Biological Activity of Sulfa-guanidine Schiff Base
  Raafat M. Issa, Saleh A. Azim, Abdalla M. Khedr*, Doaa F. Draz  
Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Tanta University, Tanta, Egypt

A novel series of Schiff bases was prepared by the condensation of sulfa-guanidine with 1-benzoylacetone (H2L1), dibenzoylmethane (H2L2), 5-methylisatin (H2L3), 2-hydroxybenzophenol (H2L4) and 1-methylisatin (H2L5). The important IR bands and the main 1H NMR signals were assigned and discussed in relation to molecular structure. Considerable interest had also been focused on their UV-Vis and fluorescence spectra in organic solvents of different polarity. Also, their absorption and emission spectra were investigated in aqueous buffer solutions of varying pH and utilized for the determination of pKa, pKa* and ΔG* of the ionization process. The biological activities of the investigated compounds were tested against bacteria and fungi.

  Sulfa-guanidine; Schiff bases; Spectral, biological studies  

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