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  Global Journal of Physical Chemistry. Volume 2, Issue 4 (2011) pp. 353-358
  Review Article
Sorptive characterisitcs of organoclays towards hydrophobic organic compounds: a review
  Runliang Zhu, Wangxiang Chen, Fei Ge  
Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Xiangtan University, Xiangtan 411105, China
  Organic cations intercalated clay minerals, also known as organoclays, have found wide applications in environmental pollution control due to their excellent sorption efficiency towards organic pollutants. Since the pollution control efficiency of organoclays is directly related to their sorption capacity, understanding their sorptive characteristics is of great importance for improving their sorption capacity and their pollution control efficiency. In this work, we want to present a brief review of the sorptive characteristics of the organoclays. According to the molecular structure of the organic cations, organoclays are classified into several different types, and the structural characteristics of the organoclays are first briefly introduced. Then the sorptive characteristics of the organoclays are described in detail. According to the correlation between structural and sorptive characteristics of the organoclays, the possible methods for improving their sorption capacities are also discussed.
  Sorptive characterisitcs; organoclays; hydrophobic organic compounds  

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