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  Global Journal of Physical Chemistry. Volume 2, Issue 3 (2011) pp. 277-286
  Research Article
Thermodynamics of cation/basic center interactions from ethylene-1,2-diamine+pentane-2,4-dione cellulose incorporated
  Edson C. da Silva Filhoa,*, , José F. de Barros Júniorb, Sirlane A. A. Santanac, Júlio C. P. de Melod, Claudio Airoldid  
a Química, Universidade Federal do Piauí, 64800-000 Floriano, PI, Brazil
b Departamento de Química, Universidade Federal da Píaui, 64049-550, Teresina, PI, Brazil
c Departamento de Química, Universidade Federal do Maranhão, 65080-540, São Luiz, MA, Brazil
d Institute of Chemistry, University of Campinas, UNICAMP, P.O. Box 6154, 13084-971 Campinas, SP, Brazil

  Chlorinated cellulose was chemically modified with ethylene-1,2-diamine followed by pentane-2,4-dione to yield a synthesized biopolymer that was applied for divalent cation sorption from aqueous solution. The metals gave sorption capacities at the solid/liquid interface of 2.32 ± 0.06, 1.85 ± 0.02, 1.70 ± 0.04 and 1.65 ± 0.02 mmol g-1 for Cu2+, Co2+, Ni2+ and Zn2+, respectively. The isotherms were adjusted to the Langmuir, the Freundlich and the Temkin sorption models. The quantitative cation/base center interactions were calorimetrically determined to give exothermic enthalpies of – (5.48 ± 0.03), – (2.89±0.01), – (1.67±0.02) and – (3.44±0.01) kJ mol-1, negative Gibbs energies of – (16.3±0.7), – (18.8±0.7), – (17.5±0.7) and – (18.3±0.7) kJ mol-1, and positive entropies of 36±2, 53±2, 53±2 and 49±2 J mol-1 K-1 for the same sequence of cations. These favorable thermodynamic data suggest that the synthesis involving cellulose produces a new useful material for cation removal from the environment.
  Cellulose; Schiff base; Pentane-2,4-dione; Sorption; Calorimetry  

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