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  Global Journal of Physical Chemistry 2012, 3: 4
  Review Article
A review of the methane C-H bond activation over the past decade
  Aiguo Kong, Yongjie Ding, Hengqiang Zhang, Ping Wang, Yongkui Shan  
Department of Chemistry, East China Normal University, North Zhongshan Road 3663, Shanghai, China 200062
  Methane is one of the most ubiquitous feedstocks available in large amounts from petrological as well as biogenic resources and has the potential value as a source of clean fossil energy or as a raw material. The activation and functionalisation of methane C-H bonds is one of the most active fields of current chemical research. In this paper, a brief review on the advances and future aspects in the activation of carbon–hydrogen in methane is presented. Particular attention is given to a catalyst formulation for low temperature conversion of methane and look at the experimental and theoretical progress made over the last 10 years. A variety of successful catalytic schemes based on different catalyst have been described with emphasis on catalytic activaty and yield of the methane functionalization products. At the same time, the advantages and limitations of various approach for activating methane C-H bond and current challenges in this research field are also discussed.
  Methane; Activation; Conversion  

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