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  Global Journal of Physical Chemistry. Volume 2, Issue 4 (2011) pp. 371-385
  Review Article
Recent progress in high-specific surface area ceria-zirconia composite oxides: Insights into fabrication, characterization and application in heterogeneous catalysis
  Ronghua Jin, Xiaoli Lin, Guiru Wang, Zhongkui Zhao*  
The State Key Laboratory of Fine Chemicals, School of Chemical Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian 116012, China
  Ceria-Zirconia composite oxides, as a novel oxygen-storage material, have been widely used in many fields such as solid oxide fuel cells, TWCs, glass polishing agent, luminescent materials, etc. The applications of Ce-Zr composite oxide as catalyst or the support of catalyst are discussed in this paper. Using Ce-Zr composite oxide as support, the high surface area can increase the active component’s dispersion, resulting in high catalytic activity. When Ce-Zr composite oxide is used as catalyst itself, the high surface area provides a large amount of active sites for reaction. Therefore, preparing high surface area Ce-Zr composite oxide has attracted intense attention. Generally, there are two ways to increase the surface of Ce-Zr composite oxide: on the one hand, we can reduce the size of particles, to attain ultrafine nano material, namely nano-sized materials (nanoparticle, nano-films, nanotubes, nano-fibers and nano-rods, etc); on the other hand, we can also prepare the composite oxide into nano-structural material to increase the surface area. This paper discusses the preparation and characterization of high surface area Ce-Zr composite oxide from the aspects of nano-sized (ultrafine) and nano-structural (nanoporous or mesoporous) respectively, as well as their applications as catalyst or the support of catalyst in heterogeneous catalysis are also summarized. Moreover, the application prospect of high surface area Ce-Zr composite oxide has been discussed.
  CeO2-ZrO2; High surface area; Nano-sized; Nano-structural; Heterogeneous catalysis  

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