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  Global Journal of Physical Chemistry. Volume 2, Issue 2 (2011) pp. 83-87
  Research Article Free Article
Study on the interaction of intense laser pulse with large metallic cluster of Pb using modified nanoplasma model
  N. Boucerredj, K. Beggas, I. Djabri  
Laboratoire des semi-conducteurs, Département de Physique, Faculté des Sciences, Université Badji Mokhtar, B. P. 12, 23000 Annaba, Algérie
  We study the metallic (Pb, K and Na) clusters, containing 25×103 atoms per cluster, and irradiated by an intense (1018 w/cm2) femtosecond laser pulses. Dimensions of the clusters being much smaller than the laser wavelength, this irradiation leads to high excitation energy resulting in highly-charged energetic electrons and ions, electronics emissions, and fragmentation processes. Different ionization mechanisms of these clusters were studied using a modified Ditmire’s nanoplasma model. Assuming a cluster with radius of a few nanometers irradiated by a linearly polarized intense laser field, we investigated in detail the expansion phenomenon leading to the final explosion of the cluster, particularly in the case of large Pb cluster. We found out that the hydrodynamics pressure is larger than the coulomb one.
  Intense laser; Atomic clusters; Electron collisions; Nanomaterials; Laser plasma interactions  

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