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  Global Journal of Physical Chemistry. Volume 2, Issue 2 (2011) pp. 129-135
  Research Article Free Article
Synthesis and structural characterisation of Ag2SnFe(PO43 and Na1.5X1.5Sb0.3(PO43 (X = Ti, Sn) Nasicon like phosphates
  A. Aatiq, B. Haggouch, R. Tigha  
Université HassanII-Mohammedia, Département de Chimie, Laboratoire de Chimie des Matériaux Solides, Faculté des Sciences Ben M’Sik, Avenue Idriss El harti, B.P. 7955, Casablanca, Morocco
  The crystal structures of Ag2SnFe(PO43 and Na1.5X1.5Sb0.3(PO432SnFe(PO43 crystallises in R3c space group with a partial occupancy of M1 (Ag(1)) and M2 (Ag(2)) sites and statistical distribution of Sn(Fe) atoms within the Nasicon framework. Both Na1.5X1.5Sb0.3(PO430.50](3a)[Na0.35](3b)]}M1 [Na0.45]M2 [Ti1.50Sb0.30Na0.20]A(PO43 and {[Na0.50](3a)[Na0.44](3b)]}M1 [Na0.36]M2 [Sn1.50Sb0.30Na0.20]A(PO43. Structural refinements confirm that 1.5 X4+, 0.3 Sb5+ and 0.2 Na+ are orderly distributed within the two possible positions of the framework A sites.
  Nasicon; Crystal structure; Phosphate; Rietveld refinement; X ray diffraction  

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