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  Global Journal of Physical Chemistry. Volume 2, Issue 2 (2011) pp. 225-229
  Research Article Free Article
Modeling of low pressure collisional argon plasma in DC discharge
  F. Bouanaka, S. Rebiaï, H. Bahouh, S. Sahli  
Laboratoire de Microsystèmes et Instrumentation (LMI) Département d'électronique, Faculté des sciences de L'ingénieur, Université Mentouri de Constantine Route d’AIN El Bey, 2500 Constantine Algérie
  In this paper, we focus on the simulation of 2D type particle plasma discharge. This study allows an accurate description of the evolution of particles in a system under the effect of an applied electric field. Electrical behavior study of the plasma was carried out using Particle-In-Cell Monte Carlo model. The proposed numerical model is applied to low-pressure (0.1 Torr) argon plasma in a reactor consisting of two centimeters flat parallel electrodes separated by three centimeters. Particles move under the action of applied electric field within the electrodes spacing. The values of the electric field at any point of the space are determined by solving the Poison’s equation using finite differences method. Collisions between particles are based on the concept of "null collision" including a fictive collision chosen so that the total frequency of collisions becomes constant and involving the use of a probabilistic law for determining the free flight time.
  Argon plasma; PIC-MC model; Finite difference method; Charged specie; Potential; Electric field  

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