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  Global Journal of Physical Chemistry 2012, 3: 11
  Research Article
Mechanism of oxidation of t-butylbenzylamine by diperiodatocuprate(III) in aqueous alkaline medium - A thermodynamics and kinetics study
  Mahantesh A. Angadi, Suresh M. Tuwar  
Department of Chemistry, Karnatak Science College, Dharwad-580 001, Karnataka, India
  Mechanism of oxidation of t-butylbenzylamine by diperiodatocuprate(III) in basic medium was proposed by kinetics studies. The kinetics of reaction was found to be first order in [diperiodatocuprate(III)] and fractional order each in [t-butylbenzylamine] and [hydroxide]. The added periodate retarded the rate of reaction. The kinetics was studied at various temperatures. The equilibrium constants involved in the different equilibria of proposed mechanism and rate constant of slow step of the mechanism were evaluated from the derived rate law. The thermodynamic parameters of various equilibria of the mechanism and activation parameters Ea, ΔH#, ΔS#, ΔG# and log A were also determined. The oxidative product of t-butylbenzylamine was identified from ESI-MS spectra as 2-((t-butylamino) methyl)cyclohexa-2,5 dienone. The reactive species of copper(III) periodate appears to be monoperiodatocuprate(III), [Cu(H2IO6) (H2O)2].
  Diperiodatocuprate(III); t-butylbenzylamine; Copper(III) periodate; Periodate; Kinetics; Oxidation  

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