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  Global Journal of Analytical Chemistry. Volume 1, Issue 2 (2010) pp. 121-129
  Research Article
Determination of 3-indole acetic acid in mung bean sprout using molecularly imprinted polymer combined with immobilized reagents flow-injection chemiluminescence
  Suikang Tian, Wei Tian, Zhujun Zhang*, Yonghua Sun, Zhijun Xi  
Department of Chemistry, School of Chemistry and Materials Science, Shaanxi Normal University,Xi'an 710062, People’s Republic of China

A novel microanalysis method using molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) as separation and enrichment means, and immobilized reagents flow-injection chemiluminescence (CL) as a detector was developed in this paper. The MIPs with diameter of 0.5μm were synthesized by suspension polymerization using 3-indole acetic acid (IAA) as the template. The analytical reagent, Tris (2, 2’-bipyridyl) dichloro-ruthenium (II) hexahydrate (Ru(bpy)32+), was immobilized on a strongly acid cation-exchange resin. A strong chemiluminescence was observed during the reaction of Ru(bpy)32+ in resin with Ce(SO4)2 under acidic conditions. The Ru(bpy)32+ immobilized resin is stable, which can be used at least for 6 months when it reacts with the dilute Ce(SO4)2 solution. This is the first attempt to apply MIP combined with immobilized reagents in the field of CL. Since these techniques were applied, the CL signal could be enhanced greatly, which finally resulted in the increased sensitivity. The CL analytical performance of this CL sensor for IAA was investigated in detail. This method shows a detection limit of 2×10-8g·mL-1 for IAA in mung bean sprout samples. Furthermore, the present CL system displays outstanding long-term stability.

  Immobilized; Resin; Chemiluminescence; Molecularly imprinted polymer; 3-indole acetic acid  

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