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  Global Journal of Analytical Chemistry. Volume 1, Issue 2 (2010) pp. 154-160
  Research Article
Sensitive Determination of Kaempferol in Fermentation Broth of Sinopodophyllum emodi (Wall.) Ying Endophytic Fungus Based on Luminol-Dissolved Oxygen Chemiluminescence Reaction
  Xili Hea,b , Min Wua, Yun Zhanga, Zhenghua Songa*  
a Key Laboratory of Synthetic and Natural Functional Molecule Chemistry of Ministry of Education, College of Chemistry and Materials Science, Northwest University , Xi'an , 710069, China
b School of Science, Xi'an Jiaotong University , Xi'an , 710049, China


An assay on the flow analysis of pg mL -1 level kaempferol with chemiluminescence detection was presented in this paper. It was found that the chemiluminescence intensity from the oxidation reaction between luminol and dissolved oxygen could be enhanced in the presence of kaempferol. The increment of chemiluminescence intensity was proportional to the concentration of kaempferol, and the linear range was from 0.01 to 3.00 ng mL-1 ( R2 = 0.9992 ) with the detection limit (3?) of 3.5 pg mL-1. The analytical process, including sampling and washing, could be performed within 0.5 min with a relative standard deviation (RSD) of less than 4% (n = 5) . The proposed method was applied to detect ing kaempferol directly in purified and unpurified fermentation broth without any pre-treatment process, which was produced by Sinopodophyllum emodi (Wall.) Ying endophytic fungus .

  Kaempferol; Chemiluminescence; Luminol; Flow injection; Sinopodophyllum emodi ; Fermentation  

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