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  Global Journal of Analytical Chemistry. Volume 2, Issue 1 (2011) pp. 27-32
  Research Article
LC determination of tetracyclines in pharmaceutical formulations
  Nurullah Sanlia, Senem Sanlia,*, Guleren Alsancakb  
a Hitit University, Department of Chemistry, 19040, Çorum, Turkey
b Süleyman Demirel University, Department of Chemistry, 32100, Isparta, Turkey

  Tetracyclines constitute a family of well-known broad-spectrum antibiotics used routinely in human and veterinary medicine for prevention and control of diseases. A simple, rapid, sensitive, precise reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatographic method with ultraviolet detection for the analysis of oxycycline, tetracycline, chlortetracycline and doxycycline is developed and applied to the determination in commercial pharmaceutical preparation. These compounds are good separated on a Synergi 4µ Max-RP C-12 column using a mobile phase consisting of a mixture of acetonitrile : water (20:80; v/v) adjusted to pH 2.75 with 25 mM o-phosphoric acid at a flow rate of 0.8 mL min-1. The proposed method was linear in the range of 5-100 µg mL-1 for tetracycline. The limit of detection and limit of quantitation were 1.19 µg mL-1 and 3.98 µg mL-1, respectively. The method which is rapid, simple and does not require any separation step, has been successfully applied to assay of commercial tablet containing tetracycline.
  Tetracyclines; Pharmaceutical Analysis; Liquid Chromatography  

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