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  Global Journal of Analytical Chemistry. Volume 2, Issue 3 (2011) pp. 133-141
  Research Article
Simultaneous estimation of aspirin, atenolol, atorvastatin and losartan from their combination dosage form by RP-HPLC
  Malavika L. Vishwakarmaa,*, Uttam D. Pawaa, Satish G. Pingalea,b, Kiran V. Mangaonkara  
a Department of Chemistry, Mithibai College of Arts, Chauhan Institute of Science & Amrutben Jivanlal College of Commerce and Economics, Ville Parle (W) Mumbai- 400 056, India
b Drug Monitoring Research Institute, Rabale - 400701, Navi Mumbai, India

  A high-performance liquid chromatography method is developed and validated for the quantitative determination of four cardiovascular drugs viz. aspirin, atenolol, atorvastatin and losartan from their combination dosage form. The different analytical performance parameters such as linearity, precision, accuracy, limit of detection (LOD) and limit of quantification (LOQ) were determined according to International Conference on Harmonization ICH Q2B guidelines. Chromatography was carried out by isocratic technique on reversed phase C-18 INERTSIL column with mobile phase based and optimized depending on the polarity of the molecules. The linearity of the calibration curves for each analyte in the desired concentration range is good (r2 > 0.998). The method is accurate and precise with recoveries in the range of 99 – 101% for all the four drugs and relative standard deviation RSD <2%. The elution and the detection of the analyte was achieved in 12minutes with retention times of 2.23 min, 3.37 min, 5.64 min and 10.48 min for Atenolol, Aspirin, Losartan and Atorvastatin respectively. The proposed method is highly sensitive, precise and accurate, hence is successfully applied for the reliable quantification of API content in the commercial formulation of aspirin, atenolol, atorvastatin and losartan.
  Aspirin; Atenolol; Atorvastatin ; Losartan; RP-HPLC  

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