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  Global Journal of Analytical Chemistry 2012, 3: 2
  Research Article
Validated LC-MS/MS method for determination of piperaquine in human plasma for its pharmacokinetic study
  Satish G. Pingale, Ketan K. Nerurkar, Sudhir S. Pawar, Kiran V. Mangaonkar  
Analytical Chemistry Research Laboratory, Mithibai College Vile Parle (W), 400056, Mumbai, India
  An analytical method based on liquid liquid extraction has been developed and validated for analysis of piperaquine in human plasma. Metoprolol was used as an internal standard for piperaquine. A HyPURITY C18 column provided chromatographic separation of analytes followed by detection with mass spectrometry. The method involves simple isocratic chromatographic conditions and mass spectrometric detection in the positive ionization mode using an API-2000 system. The proposed method has been validated with linear range of 5–1000 ng/mL for piperaquine. The intra-run and inter-run precision values are within 10.56% and 9.98% respectively for piperaquine at lower limit of quantification level. The overall recovery for piperaquine and metoprolol was 63.14% and 73.54% respectively. This validated method was used successfully for analysis of plasma samples from a bioequivalence study.
  Antimalarial; Tandem mass spectrometry; Liquid-Liquid extraction; Piperaquine in human plasma  

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