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  Global Journal of Analytical Chemistry 2012, 3: 6
  Research Article
Study of cellulose acetylation reaction kinetics using reaction calorimetry method
  Liang Yinchun, Chen Yun, Guo Yeshu  
Nantong Cellulose Fiber CO., LTD, Nantong, 225008, P.R. China
  The acetylation reaction kinetics of cellulose was studied using reaction calorimetry method. Cellulose was made from cotton linters and hard wood respectively, and the impact of cellulose fiber structure characteristics was also discussed and compared. Acetylation reaction kinetic equation were derived as follows: r = Aa exp(-Ea/RT) cell-o (1-?), for the cotton linters pulp Ea=61.1kJ/mol, Aa=1.43×109;and for wood pulp Ea=58.1 kJ/mol, Aa=5.57x108. These results could be used for simulating or providing guidance for production process control and optimization.
  Cellulose; Acetylation; Kinetics; Thermal analysis; Reaction calorimetry  

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