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  Global Journal of Surgery. Volume 2, Issue 1 (2011) pp. 24-27
  Research Article
Post-anastomotic wash out in emergency resection of left sided colon lesions (POWER technique)
  Berti Stefano, D’Ambra Luigi, Feleppa Cosimo, Magistrelli Prospero, Bonfante Pierfrancesco, Bianchi Claudio, Falco Emilio  
Surgical Division of S. Andrea Hospital, via Veneto 196 -19100- La Spezia, Italy
  Exploratory laparoscopy is frequently used in emergency setting for the evaluation of acute abdomen. Left-sided colonic lesions amenable of laparoscopic treatment like type 2 to 4 diverticulitis (Hinchey score), mild occlusion from organic lesions, bleeding diverticula etc. can be successfully treated by colic resection and primary anastomosis, providing that gross contamination from a non-prepared bowel won’t jeopardize it. Traditionally colonic wash-out has been used in open surgery before performing the intestinal anastomosis to achieve this goal. However in laparoscopic procedures there are several situations in which this maneuver can be challenging if not impossible. The objective of this study is to suggest that a new technique called POst-anastomotic Wash out in Emergency Resections (POWER) can be as safe and effective as the original washout technique.
  Intraoperative washout; Laparoscopy; Colon resection; Bowel obstruction; Diverticulitis  

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