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  Global Journal of Surgery. Volume 2, Issue 1 (2011) pp. 28-32
  Research Article
Salivary gland tumour of the lip: Report of two cases and literature review
  M.E. Asuquoa, O.O. Oteia, R. Ekpoa, I. Abanga, U. Addama, E.E. Basseyb, G. Ebugheb  
Departments of Surgerya and Pathologyb, University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, P.O. BOX 1891 (GPO), Calabar, Nigeria
  Introduction: Salivary gland tumours (SGT’S) are uncommon. The minor glands are dispersed throughout the upper aerodigestive submucosa including the lip.To present two case reports of salivary gland tumour of the upper lip and highlight its diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. Case reports: A 50-year old female farmer presented with a 2-year history of swelling of the upper lip and the histology revealed a pleomorphic adenoma of the minor salivary gland. She was offered a wide excision, which resulted in a huge upper lip defect managed by a 2-staged lip switch ABBE flap. The second patient, a 40-year-old female teacher presented with a 10-year history of a left sided upper lip swelling. Histology revealed pleomorphic adenoma. She was offered an excision with no evidence of recurrence after 26 months of follow up. Conclusions: Salivary gland tumours should be considered as a differential diagnosis of tumours of the lip. Early presentation is advocated as late presentation with advanced tumour presents diagnostic and therapeutic challenges.
  Salivary gland tumour; Lip  

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