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  Global Journal of Surgery. Volume 2, Issue 1 (2011) pp. 4-9
  Research Article
Incidentally discovered adrenal schwannoma: Report of a case
  Crea Nicolaa,*, Casella Claudioa, Tardanico Reginab, Salerni Brunoa  
a Department of Medical & Surgical Science, General Surgery, University of Brescia, Italy
b 2nd Department of Pathology, University of Brescia, Italy

  Introduction: Schwannomas are rare and often benign tumors arising from the Schwann sheath of the peripherial, motor, sensory, sympathetic or cranial nerves. We reported a case of an adrenal mass incidentally discovered in a 68-year-old woman and successfully treated with adrenalectomy. Case Report: The biological evaluation was unremarkable; the radiological evaluation (MRI) revealed a right adrenal mass. A right adrenalectomy was performed with the diagnosis of non-functioning adrenal tumor. Results: Histopatological examination established the diagnosis of schwannoma, which was also confirmed by immunohistochemical staining that demonstrated cells uniformly positive for S-100. Conclusions: Although with the advances in the field of radiological technology the number of diagnosed adrenal gland “incidentaloma” has been increased and only a few cases of schwannoma of the adrenal gland have been described. We reported our experience in managing this neoplasm, suggesting that a complete excision should be the approach of choice when feasible, both for treatment and diagnosis.
  Adrenal gland; Schwannoma; Adreno-medullary tumor  

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