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  Global Journal of Surgery 2012, 3: 4
  Research Article
Preoperative imaging diagnosis of agenesis of gall bladder – A rare cause of recurrent abdominal pain
  Sumeet Bhargava, Rajul Rastogi, Rakesh Kumar, Gaurav Jindal  
Yash Diagnostic Center, Yash Hospital and Research Center, Civil Lines, Kanth Road, Moradabad (UP) – 244001 (India), Kanth Road, Moradabad (UP) – 244001, India
  Agenesis of gall bladder (AGB) as an isolated anomaly is very rare. Preoperative recognition is important to prevent any surgical intervention. Imaging plays an important role in diagnosis of AGB. However, very few reports exist in medical literature, where the diagnosis of AGB was made on imaging. Hence, we are reporting a rare case of AGB that was diagnosed by imaging with review of literature in short.
  Agenesis; Gall bladder; Ectopic; Abdominal pain; Ultrasonography; Computed tomography  

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