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  Global Journal of Surgery. Volume 2, Issue 3 (2011) pp. 148-150
  Research Article
Retrovesical benign cystic teratoma: A rarity
  Rahul Janak Sinha, Amod Diwedi, Vishwajeet Singh  
Department of Urology, CSMMU (formerly KGMU), Lucknow - 226003, India
  Teratoma is an abnormal growth, consisting of tissue derived from all the germinal layers. It is found predominantly in the gonads or the midline of the body where embryonal disc folds and fuses. In the order of decreasing frequency, teratoma is seen in the ovary, sacrococcygeal region, retroperitoneum, mediastinum, cervical region or the scalp. Excision of teratoma is considered to be the standard treatment. Retroperitoneal teratoma in the retrovesical position is rare. Only three such case reports exist in the literature. Herein, we present a case of retrovesical teratoma associated with the absence of right kidney.
  Benign teratoma; Retroperitoneal neoplasms; Cysts  

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