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  Global Journal of Surgery 2012, 3: 7
  Research Article
Association of gallbladder cholesterolosis to body mass index and levels of serum cholesterol
  Marcelo A. Beltrána, Carlos Barríab, Karina S. Crucesa, Mario A. Contrerasc  
a Department of Surgery – Hospital De La Serena, Chile
b Histomed – La Serena, Chile
c Medical School – Universidad Católica Del Norte, Chile

  Introduction: The purpose of this study was to find an association between obesity, plasma cholesterol levels, and cholesterolosis of the gallbladder in patients submitted to elective cholecystectomy for gallstone disease. Experimental: A sample of 406 patients studied with total plasma cholesterol levels was submitted to cholecystectomy, they were divided in two groups, 326 patients without cholesterolosis and 80 patients with cholesterolosis. Results and Discusision: Cholesterol levels were higher in patients without cholesterolosis (209.4±53 versus 181.5±37, p<0.0001). Most patients with cholesterolosis had BMI>25 compared to patients without cholesterolosis (59% versus 48%, p=0.036). A positive correlation between BMI and hypercholesterolemia in patients with and without cholesterolosis was found. Conclusions: Most patients without cholesterolosis had a BMI <25 and most patients with cholesterolosis had a BMI >25. A negative correlation between cholesterolosis and increased BMI was found. Consequently, obesity and high plasma cholesterol levels are independent not related factors associated to cholesterolosis and gallstones.
  Cholesterolosis; Gallstones; Biliary diseases; Obesity related diseases  

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