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  Global Journal of Surgery 2012, 3: 10
  Research Article
Breast Tuberculosis: Is ELISA underestimated?
  Amit Kumar Shah, Samir Agarwal, SK Deshpande, DK Khare  
Department of Surgery, 158 Base Hospital, PIN – 900326 C/O 99 APO, India
  Tuberculosis (TB) of the breast is a rare condition. The clinician may confuse TB of the breast with either breast carcinoma or abscess. A high index of suspicion supported by microbiological, histological and immunological examinations remains the gold standard for the diagnosis of this uncommon disease. Here we report a case of Tubercular breast abscess in a 26 year old lady which was suspected, diagnosed and managed successfully at our centre. The literature reports that definite diagnosis of breast tuberculosis is made by cytological studies or bacteriological cultures of aspirate from the lesion. But we were able to clinch the diagnosis with Enzyme Immune Assay for MTB antibodies even though the histology did not confirm caseation or granuloma, and only suggested a chronic mastitis with few giant cells suggestive of a tubercular etiology. An early institution of anti tubercular Treatment (ATT) helped in complete resolution of the disease.
  Tuberculosis; Mycobacteria Tuberculosis; Breast Tuberculosis, Enzyme Immune Assay; A60 Antigen complex; Extra pulmonary Tuberculosis  

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