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  Global Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2012, 3: 2
  Research Article
Tridentate Schiff base compounds of 2-aminophenol: Synthesis, characterization and complexation with IIIA elements
  Khosro Mohammadi, Mansooreh Zahedi  
Chemistry Department, Faculty of Sciences, Persian Gulf University, Bushehr 75169, I.R. Iran
  A series of new aluminum(III), gallium(III), indium(III)  and thallium(III) complexes with three tridentate Schiff base of 2-(3-hydroxy-1-methyl-but-2-enylideneamino)phenol  [H2L1], 2-(3-hydroxy-1-phenyl-but-2-enylideneamino)phenol [H2L2] and (2Z)-2-((Z)-1,1,1-trifluoro-4-hydroxypent-3-en-2-ylideneamino)phenol [H2L3] (which have been derived from 2-aminophenol and diketones of acetylacetone, benzoylaceton and 1,1,1-trifluoro -2,4-pentadion) with the general formula [Y][ML2] (M = Al3+, Ga3+, In3+, Tl3+ and Y =Et3NH+) were synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis, 1H NMR, FT-IR, UV–Vis spectrophotometry and mass spectroscopy. The thermodynamic formation constants of the complexes were determined spectrophotometrically at 25 °C in methanol. The trend of formation constants of the complexes are as follow:

Al3+ < Ga3+ < In3+ < Tl3+

H2L1 > H2L2 > H2L3

  2-Aminophenol; Group IIIA metals; Schiff base; Tridentate; Complexation; Formation constant  

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