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  Global Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. Volume 2, Issue 2 (2011) pp. 110-149
  Review Article
Synthetic aspects in o-quinonato and o-iminoquinonato coordination chemistry of non-transition metals
  Alexandr V. Piskunov, Andrey I. Poddel'sky  
G.A. Razuvaev Institute of Organometallic Chemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences Tropinina str. 49, 603950, Nizhny Novgorod, GSP-445, Russia
  The present review is focused on the synthetic methods in coordination chemistry of non-transition metals with redox-active o-quinonato and o-iminoquinonato ligands, transformations of such complexes, covers the progress in the field and also discusses some problems and doubts arising there.
  O-quinone; O-iminoquinone; Redox-active ligands; Non-transition metals; Complex  

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