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  Global Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 2011, 1: 20
  Review Article
Plasma surface modification of carbon nanomaterials and their application in environmental pollution management
  Dadong Shaoa,b, Kenji Okunob, Yasuhisa Oyab, Xiangke Wanga  
a Key Lab of Novel Thin Film Solar Cells, Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, P.O. Box 1126, Hefei 230031, P.R. China
b Radioscience Research Laboratory, Faculty of Science, Shizuoka University, 836, Ohya, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka 422-8529, Japan

  Plasma technique is an effective and environmental friendly method to introduce special functional groups onto the surfaces of carbon nanomaterials. The plasma induced grafting functional gourps can improve the surface properites of carbon nanomaterials obviously, such as adsorption capacities, dispersion properties, selective sorption ability etc. This review summarizes the application of plasma induced grafting technique in the surface modification of carbon nanomaterials, and their application in environmental pollution management. The review is crucial for the application of plasma technique in surface modification of nanomaterials, and for the elimination of pollutants in the environmental pollution management.
  Plasma technique; Surface modification; Carbon nanomaterials; Sorption; Pollution management  

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