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  Global Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 2011, 1: 17
  Research Article
Kinetic analysis of nitrous oxide photocatalytic degradation on an active asphalt road surface
  Meng Chena, Jiang-Wei Chua, Yan-Hua Liub  
a College of Traffic, Northeast Forestry University, 26 Hexing Road, Harbin 150040, P.R. China
b College of Wildlife Resources, Northeast Forestry University, 26 Hexing Road, Harbin 150040, P.R. China

  The photocatalytic oxidation of NO on an active asphalt road surface was investigated using a flow-through purification examination reactor. This feasibility study investigated the effects of temperature, humidity and light intensity on reaction rate, and a Langmuir–Hinshelwood kinetic model was developed based on the experimental data. The results indicated that adsorption was a function of temperature, since adsorption affinity decreased with increasing temperature. The competitive adsorption between NO and water resulted in the promotion and inhibition of reactions upon changing humidity. Increasing light intensity resulted in an increased reaction rate. The kinetic parameters of NO photocatalytic oxidation were estimated by fitting the model to the experimental results. The new kinetic model used in this study represents a more reasonable practical application environment.
  Road surface material; Titanium dioxide; Nitrogen oxide; Reaction kinetics; Modeling  

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