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  Global Journal of Biochemistry 2012, 3: 7
  Review Article Free Article
A review on the production and partial characterization of microbial inulinases
  Helen Treichel, Débora de Oliveira, Lindomar Lerin, Viviane Astolfi, Marcio A. Mazutti, Marco Di Luccio, J. Vladimir Oliveira  
Department of Food Engineering URI - Campus de Erechim
P.O. Box 743. CEP 99700-000 - Erechim - RS - Brazil

  This review paper provides an overview regarding the main aspects of microbial inulinases production and characterization. The most important microbial inulinase-producing strains for submerged and solid-state fermentations are reviewed as well as the main substrates, including the use of agroindustrial residues. Current process techniques (batch, repeated-batch, fed-batch and continuous mode are discussed and the main bioreactors configurations are also presented. Moreover, the present review paper shows a general overview on the partial characterization of microbial inulinases, including temperature and pH optimal and of stability, stability of the enzyme to low temperatures and some kinetic parameters related to this important class of hydrolases. Finally, some future perspectives on inulinases production are discussed with special emphasis on inulinase immobilization and enzyme activity after submission to high pressures.
  Inulinase production; Substrates; Process conduction; Inulinases characterization  

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