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  Physics Express 2011, 1: 12
  Research Article
Synthesis, structural and thermal characterisation of new derivative 4-ethoxy N-methyl 4-stilbazolium besylate
  Amirdha Sher Gilla, S. Kalainathana,*, G. Bhagavannarayanab  
a Senior Professor School of Advanced Science, VIT University, Vellore - 632 014, India
b CGC Division, National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi -110 012, India

  A novel organic optical material 4-chloro -N- methyl 4-stilbazolium besylate, a new derivative of the stilbazolium tosylate family has been synthesized and good optical quality single crystals of size 15 mm x 8 mm x 5 mm were grown by slow cooling technique. The grown crystals were subjected to different instrumentation methods for characterization. The crystal system and lattice parameters were found from single crystal X-ray diffraction. The crystalline perfection is quite good as observed from the high resolution X-ray diffractometry. Fourier transform infrared was recorded to confirm the functional groups. Thermal analyses have been made and the sample has been found to be thermally stable upto 190 ºC. The results are discussed in detailed.
  Organic compounds; Crystal growth; Thermogravimetric analysis; Optical materials  

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