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  Physics Express 2011, 1: 21
  Research Article
The microduty bipolar phototransistor on the base of gallium arsenic n-p-m-structure
  A.V. Karimova,, D.M. Yodgorovaa, O.A. Abdulkhaeva, J.T. Nazarovb  
a Physical-Technical Institute of the Scientific Association “Physics-Sun” of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Bodomzor yoli st. 2B, 100084, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
b Navoi State Institute of Mines, Yujnaya st. 27a, 210100, Navoi, Uzbekistan

  In the present paper, the results of the research on light characteristics of gallium arsenic two-barrier n-p-m-structure - analogue of bipolar phototransistor are presented. Experimentally, it is shown that photoelectric characteristics vary depending on switching on conditions of nGaAs-pGaAs-Ag structure. The researched structures differ with functionability in photodiode and phototransistor modes as microduty devices.
  Microconditions; Phototransistor; Two-base; Barrier; Photo-voltaic effect  

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