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  Physics Express 2011, 1: 16
  Review Article
Optical spatial solitons and modulation instabilities in photorefractive media
  S. Konar  
Department of Applied Physics, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra-835215, Ranchi, India
  In the present communication we have reviewed some recent developments in optical spatial soliton propagation in photorefractive media. Fundamental properties of screening, photovoltaic and screening photovoltaic solitons have been considered. Vector solitons, particularly, incoherently coupled solitons due to two-photon photorefractive phenomenon have been highlighted. For each type of soliton, three different configurations i.e., bright-bright, dark-dark and bright-dark varieties have been considered. Modulation instability in two-photon photorefractive media has been also discussed.
  Photorefractive solitons; Dark-dark; Bright-bright and dark-bright solitons; Two-photon photorefractive effect; Centro-symmetric crystals; Modulation instability  

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