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  Physics Express 2012, 2: 22
  Research Article
Optical microwave generation based on birefringence photonic crystal fiber
  Wei Li, Hui Chen, Ming Chen, Juan Zhao, Wenbo Xu, Xianxu Su  
Photoelectric Technology Research Institute, School of Information and Communication, Guilin University of Electronic Technology, Guilin 541004, China
  A method of optical microwave generation based on high birefringence photonic crystal fiber (PCF) is proposed. To design a high birefringence of PCF, a full vector finite element method is used. Theoretical analysis and results show that the microwave signal frequency is proportional to the birefringence in a certain range with the continuous pulse laser injection. When the birefringence is the odd times of 1.94 ×10-4, microwave frequency can reach a maximum value 25.91 GHz. The simulation results demonstrate the feasibility of optical microwave generation using high birefringence photonic crystal fiber.
  Microwave generation; Photonic crystal fiber; Birefringence; Full vector finite element method  

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