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  Physics Express 2013, 3: 7
  Research Article
Optical properties of Cu doped ZnO thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
  Arun Aravind, M. K. Jayaraj  
Nanophotonic and Optoelectronic Device Laboratory, Department of Physics, Cochin University of Science and Technology, India
  Copper doped ZnO thin films have been grown by pulsed laser deposition on fused silica substrates. X-ray diffraction spectra of the Zn1-xCuxO thin films have wurtzite ZnO structure without any secondary phases. The Zn1-xCuxO films show transparency above 75% in the visible region. The first order Raman spectra of thin films shows two characteristic modes of wurtzite ZnO at 99 and 436 cm-1 corresponding to E2 low and E2 high. The copper doped ZnO thin film shows green PL emission at 542 nm and the band edge emission at 385 nm. The surface morphology characterized by atomic force microscopy shows Zn1-xCuxO films have uniformly placed smaller grains.
  Diluted magnetic semiconductors; Pulsed Laser Deposition; Photoluminescence; ZnO thin film  

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