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  Physics Express 2013, 3: 16
  Research Article
Ageing of manganite based eco-friendly thick film NTC thermistors
  Shweta Jagtapa,b, Sunit Ranea, Suresh Gosavic  
a Microelectronics Group, Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (C-MET), Panchawati, Off. Dr. Bhabha Road, Pune-411008, India
b Department of Physics, Goa University, Panjim, Goa, India
c Department of Physics, University of Pune, Pune-411007, India

  Thermistors used in resistance thermometry posses a characteristic called ageing, in which the thermistor exhibits change in resistance with time. This is apparent as thermoelectric drift and occurs in all thermistors to a greater or lesser extent depending on the structure and operating temperature. Two major causes are recognised: contact degradation and changes in the thermistor material. In the present work, ageing (which is defined as drift in resistance with temperature) of eco-friendly thick film NTC thermistors based on manganites was studied. We observed that addition of RuO2 into the manganite forbid the ageing of thermistor that leads stable thermistor properties as compared to that of thermistors prepared using only with spinel composition.
  Thick film; Eco-friendly; NTC thermistor; Ageing; Manganites  

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