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  Physics Express 2013, 3: 26
  Research Article
Effect of staggered field on the temperature dependent ultrasonic attenuation in cuprates
  S. P. Mohapatraa, K. C. Bishoyib, G. C. Routc  
a Anandapur College, Anandapur - 758021, India
b N. C. College (Autonomous), Jajpur - 755001, India
c Condensed Matter Physics Group P. G. Dept. of Applied Physics and Ballistics, F. M. University, Balasore - 756019, India

  The ultrasonic measurement is an important experimental technique to study the elastic properties of the condensed matter systems. We present here a microscopic theoretical model to study the effect of staggered magnetic field on the temperature dependent ultrasonic attenuation coefficient (α). We consider a model Hamiltonian consisting of staggered magnetic field in the conduction band of the cuprate systems. The effect of temperature dependent staggered field on α is investigated. In order to study its effect on the ultrasonic attenuation (α), we have calculated the phonon Green’s function. The imaginary part of its self-energy directly gives the attenuation coefficient (α). As temperature is lowered, the attenuation coefficient increases, forms a peak at the Néel temperature (TN)) and then the coefficient α shows large suppression in the anti-ferromagnetic (AFM) phase in the lower temperature region. The effect of the model parameters of the system on α are reported in the present communication.
  Anti-ferromagnetism; Electron-phonon interaction; High-Tc superconductors  

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