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  Physics Express 2013, 3: 20
  Research Article
Spin susceptibility: A study of anomalies due to Kondo effect and f-electron correlation in HF systems
  P. C. Barala, G. C. Routb  
a Dept. of Physics, B. J. B Junior College, Bhubaneswar-751014, Odisha, India
b Condensed Matter Physics Group, F. M. University, Vyasa Vihar, Balasore-756019, Odisha, India

  We report here a microscopic theory of the temperature dependence of the spin susceptibility in heavy fermion (HF) systems. The model Hamiltonian consists of c-f electron exchange term and Heisenberg type inter-site spin-spin correlation in addition to the conduction electron and f-electron terms. The Hamiltonian is treated in mean-field approximation (MFA) taking into account two mean-field parameters the Kondo singlet and f-electron correlation parameter. An attempt has been made in this present communication to calculate the temperature dependent dynamic spin susceptibility by using Zubarev’s Green’s function and to study resonance peaks at Kondo and correlation temperatures. The evolution of peaks are studied by varying the model parameters and comparing the relation of it to the experimental data.
  Heavy fermions; Kondo effect; f-electron correlation; Susceptibility  

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