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  Physics Express 2014, 4: 15
  Research Article
Violet/blue photoluminescence from the annealed TEOS SiO2 films
  M. Xua, Y. Weia, Y. C. Eeb  
a Key Lab. of Information Materials of Sichuan Province & School of Electrical and Information Engineering, Southwest University for Nationalities, Chengdu 610041, China
b Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd, Singapore, 738406

  The visible violet/blue photoluminescence (PL) under excitation with the 325 nm line of a Xe lamp at room temperature from the TEOS SiO2 films was observed. It was found that the host PL peak appears at 380-385 nm, while other two weak peaks are located around 440 and 480 nm for the samples annealed at 550-1000°C. The PL intensity of TEOS SiO2 films first exhibits a gradual increase with increasing Tanneal and reaches a maximum at Tanneal = 750°C; thereafter it shows a significant decrease when Tanneal is above 850°C. On the other hand, the host peak first shows a slight blue shift when Tanneal is increased to 850°C, thereafter it exhibits a slight redshift at higher Tanneal. The structural and compositional analyses indicate that the violet/blue PL mechanism in TEOS SiO2 films should be attributed to the defect emission at the surface of the SiO2 film, for example, in relation with the Si precipitation, Si3+ and Si4+.
  TEOS SiO2 film; Violet/blue photoluminescence; Defect  

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