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  Physics Express 2014, 4: 16
  Research Article
The influence of P substitution for As on magnetic anisotropy in epitaxial Ga1-xMn xAs1-yPy films grown on GaAs substrates
  M. Yahyaouia, K. Boujdariaa, M. Cubukcub,c, C. Testelinc, C. Gourdonc  
a Laboratoire de Physique des Matériaux: Structures et Propriétés, Faculté des Sciences de Bizerte, Université de Carthage, 7021 Zarzouna, Bizerte, Tunisia
b [Current adress: ] SPINTEC, 17 rue des Martyrs, 38054 GRENOBLE Cedex 9, France
c Institut des Nanosciences de Paris, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, CNRS-UMR7588, Paris, F-75005, France

  We present a theoretical study on the influence of phosphorus fraction on the magnetic anisotropies in ferromagnetic (Ga,Mn)(As,P) layers. Our calculations are based on the 40-band k.p model and treats the antiferromagnetic exchange coupling within the mean field approximation. We show that the present k.p model reproduces accurately the overall band diagram as well as the band-gap energy and the Luttinger parameters in the strained (Ga,Mn)(As,P)/GaAs system. Our simulations clearly show that the experimental results for the magnetic anisotropy are quantitatively compared with microscopic calculations based on a mean-field model. Almost perfect agreement between experiment and theory is found for the uniaxial out-of-plane and cubic-in-plane anisotropy parameter.
  Band structure; Diluted magnetic semiconductor; Magnetic anisotropy; k.p approach  

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