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  Chemical Sensors 2011, 1: 16
  Research Article
Flow injection analysis of choline in milk and dietary supplements using an enzyme thermistor
  Kanchanmala Deshpandea, Bengt Danielssonb,c, Sunil Bhanda  
a Biosensor Lab., Department of Chemistry, BITS, Pilani – K. K. Birla Goa Campus, Goa 403726, India
b Pure and Applied Biochemistry, Lund University, Box 124 SE 221 00, Sweden
c Acromed Invest AB, Magistratsvagen 10, SE 226 43 Lund, Sweden (present address)

  An application of Flow Injection Analysis-Enzyme Thermistor (FIA-ET) has been presented here to determine free and total choline in commercially available milk, milk powder, and dietary supplement. The choline biosensor is based on the Choline oxidase (ChOx) and Catalase (CAT) enzymes co-immobilized on Controlled Pore Glass (CPG). The heat liberated in the bi-enzyme reaction is proportional to choline concentration. Under the optimized condition, a linear range of 30µM-0.5mM was achieved without much sample preparation. The recoveries in milk was found to be 93.2- 98.4% with relative standard deviation (RSD) 0.2-1%. The biosensor can analyze 10 samples/hour with high reproducibility and precision. The biosensor can easily detect choline content in commercially available milk matrices with obtained dynamic range and showed stability for 15 months at 25 ºC with minimal change in the initial response till date.
  Enzyme thermistor; Flow Injection Analysis; Milk; Choline; Biosensor  

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