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  Chemical Sensors 2013, 3: 13
  Research Article
Fiber optic surface plasmon resonance-based three channels multi-analyte sensor
  Roli Verma, Banshi D. Gupta  
Physics Department, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi – 110016, India
  We report a theoretical study of fiber optic surface plasmon resonance (SPR)-based three channels sensor for the simultaneous detection of three analytes present in a sample. The simulation is based on N-layer model and wavelength interrogation technique. The three channels are fabricated on a single fiber with coatings of aluminium in channel 1, silver and an over-layer of silicon in channel 2 and gold and an over-layer of silicon in channel 3 for multiple sensing. The SPR dips/resonance wavelengths for all the three sensing channels are separated well by using appropriate thicknesses of silicon over-layer. All the channels have large operating range and high sensitivity. The proposed sensor will be useful for multi-channel as well as multi-analyte sensing.
  Surface plasmon resonance; Sensing; Channel; Sensor; Refractive index; Resonance wavelength  

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