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  Chemical Sensors 2013, 3: 9
  Review Article
Breath analysis: biomarkers, nanosensors, and mid-infrared absorption sensors
  Ye Fang, Joydeep Lahiri  
Biochemical Technologies, Science and Technology Division, Corning Incorporated, Corning, New York 14831, USA
  Human exhaled breath constitutes of more than 1000 compounds, some of which have potential to be biomarkers for specific diseases ranging from oxidative stress to lung diseases, metabolic diseases, and cancer. With the advent of new technology has come to wide exploration of the potential of breath analysis for clinical diagnostics and metabolic status monitoring. Here we review the origin of volatile molecules in human exhaled breath, breath biomarkers for specific diseases, and the applications of several sensing technologies including nanosensors and mid-infrared sensors for breath analysis.
  Cancer; Breath biomarker; Exhaled breath; Exhaled breath condensate; Mid-infrared sensor; Nanosensor; Quantum cascade laser; Volatile organic compounds  

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