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  Journal of Nanoscience Letters. Volume 1, Issue 2 (2011) pp. 102-108
  Research Article
Electroforming and bipolar resistive switching characteristics in TiN/AlN/Pt device for nonvolatile memory application
  C. Chen, F. Pan*, Z. S. Wang, F. Zeng  
Laboratory of Advanced Materials, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, People’s Republic of China
  Wurtzite AlN films with TiN top electrode are deposited on Pt/Ti/SiO2/Si substrates by direct current reactive magnetron sputtering. The TiN/AlN/Pt memory device shows a stable and reproducible bipolar resistive switching behavior after a previous electroforming process. Good endurance of >1000 cycles and long retention time of 1000 s are demonstrated. Besides, multilevel resistance switching is obtained in the RESET process by controlling the applied voltage. The dominant conduction mechanisms of low resistance state and high resistance state are verified by Ohmic behavior and space charge limited current injection, respectively. Furthermore, the memory effect is explained by a nano-filament model with consideration of the interface effect. And the resistance switching is mediated by the recovery and annihilation of the nanoscale conductive filaments which are generated in the electroforming process.
  Resistive switching; RRAM; AlN film; Electroforming  

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