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  Journal of Nanoscience Letters 2012, 2: 4
  Review Article
Synthesis of hollow micro/nano particles
  Yuebin Caoa, Fangli Yuan, Xing Zhang, Yunfa Chen  
State Key Laboratory of Multi-phase Complex Systems, Institute of ProcessEngineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Beijing 100190, China
a Also in Graduate School of CAS, Beijing, China

  In this review, recent progress in the synthesis of hollow micro/nano particles through several novel strategies is presented. These synthetic strategies are mainly categorized into two classes according to the formation process of hollow structures: sacrificial template methods, such as Kirkendall effect, galvanic replacement reaction; template-free methods, such as chemical etching, Ostwald ripening, and self-assembly methods. Besides, there are also some strategies that appear to not involve the conventional mechanisms. Applications of hollow micro/nano particles in catalysis and chemical sensing are also summarized.
  Hollow structures; Sacrificial template methods; Template-free methods; Catalysis; Gas sensing  

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