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  Journal of Nanoscience Letters 2012, 2: 7
  Review Article
FeS2 nanomaterials: synthesis, properties and applications
  Xia Wang, Weizhong Sun, Wenhui Zhou, Sixin Wu  
Key Laboratory for Special Functional Materials of Ministry of Education, Henan University, Kaifeng 475004, China
  Pyrite (Eg =0.95 eV) is being developed as a solar energy material due to its environmental compatibility and its very high light absorption coefficient. In this review, recent progress in the synthesis and application in solar cell of FeS2 is presented. These synthetic strategies are mainly categorized into two classes according to the formation process: thin films and nanocrystals. The properties and application of FeS2 in solar cells are summarized. The disadvantages and future development of FeS2-based solar cells are suggested.
  Pyrite; Nanocrystals; Thin films; Solar cells  

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