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  Journal of Nanoscience Letters 2013, 3: 3
  Research Article
Luminescence properties of CdS quantum dots mixed with J-aggregates of the dye in gelatin
  O. V. Ovchinnikova, M. S. Smirnova, B. I. Shapirob, A. N. Latysheva, A. O. Dedikovaa, T. S. Shatskikha, Pham Thi Hai Miena  
a Department of Optics and Spectroscopy, Voronezh State University, Voronezh, 394006, Voronezh, Russia
b Lomonosov State University of Fine Chemical Technology, 119571, Moscow, Russia

  The mixtures of CdS quantum dots with mean diameter value of 2.3-2.7 nm and J-aggregates of the pyridinium salt of 3,3’-di-?-sulphopropyl-9-ethyl-4,5,4’,5’-dibenzothiacarbocyaninebetaine were prepared in gelatin by the sol-gel method. The manifestation of the hybrid associates in the absorption and the luminescence spectra of prepared samples was found. Causes of luminescence enhancement for J-aggregates associated with CdS quantum dots were investigated. The model of enhancement is based on the Förster resonance energy transfer of electron excitation from excited luminescence centers of CdS quantum dot to J-aggregates of the dye.
  Luminescence; J-aggregates; Quantum dot; CdS; Associates  

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