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  Journal of Nanoscience Letters 2013, 3: 27
  Research Article
Synthesis and optical property of size-tunable vanadium oxide nano-dandelions
  Chaojiang Niu, Chunhua Han, Yunlong Zhao, Xiaocong Tian, Wanli Guo, Yanhui Gu, Liqiang Mai  
WUT-Harvard Joint Nano Key Laboratory, State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, 430070, China
  One-dimensional vanadium oxides with desired physical and chemical properties have attracted great attentions in nanoelectronics, nanooptoelectronics and energy storage and so on. Here we controllably synthesized size-tunable dandelion-like vanadium oxides through a flexible microemulsion approach. The detailed assembly process of the vanadium oxides nano-dandelion was investigated by controlling the reactant concentration and aging time. The nano-dandelions were composed of vanadium oxides nanorods with small size. The self-orgnizational structure can be changed from dandelion-like structure to side-by-side alignment and bunchy-like structure. Such novel vanadium oxide nano-dandelions show good photoluminescence property and may have great potential application in luminescence and other fields.
  Dandelion-like vanadium oxide; Microemulsion; Assembly process; Photoluminescence  

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