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  Journal of Spectroscopy and Dynamics 2011, 1: 4
  Review Article
XAFS Spectroscopy: Basic theory and recent developments
  Takafumi Miyanagaa, Takashi Fujikawab  
a Department of Advanced Physics, Hirosaki University, Japan
b Graduate School of Advanced Integration Science, Chiba University, Japan

  In this review, we present the basic theory and recent applications in the XAFS spectroscopy. A first principle derivation of EXAFS formula is shown starting from the basic many-body framework of the X-ray absorption process. Based on the theoretical framework, practical discussion on multiple-scattering theory, Debye-Waller factor and XMCD are given. As some recent applications of XAFS to material sciences, we briefly discuss local structures in thin films, strongly correlated systems, magnetic alloys, and nanoparticles. We also iscuss the recent developments in XAFS measurement techniques: time-resolved technique and micro-beam XAFS.
  XAFS; XMCD; Material sciences; Thin film; Magnetic alloy; Nanoparticle; Time-resolved technique; X-ray micro-beam  

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