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  Journal of Spectroscopy and Dynamics 2012, 2: 11
  Research Article
Effect of linear chirp on femtosecond two-photon processes in solution
  Amit Nag, Debabrata Goswami  
Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh - 208016, India
  Coherent control via linear chirping a femtosecond laser pulse holds the promise of a potent spectroscopic tool in the study of two-photon processes in condensed phase. Here, we show modulation in the two-photon absorption and fluorescence of several common dyes in solution by simple phase ordering of femtosecond laser pulse into a linearly frequency chirped pulse. However, the modulation is dependent on associated solvent properties as the coherence is lost rapidly in the solution phase. Also, systematic effects are mostly seen only over a limited range of chirp since it is an interplay of two opposing effects on two-photon processes—linear chirp enhancing it while the associated pulse broadening reducing it.
  Frequency Chirping; Femtosecond laser pulse; Solvent effect; Two-photon process  

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