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  Journal of Spectroscopy and Dynamics 2013, 3: 2
  Research Article
Spectrally resolved photon-echo spectroscopy of Rhodamine-6G
  Ajitesh Kumar, S. K. Karthick, D. Goswami  
Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, UP-208016, India
  Wavelength dependent study of a laser dye: Rhodamine-6G (Rh6G) by using spectrally resolved photon-echo spectroscopy is presented. The coherence and population dynamics of Rh6G solution in methanol changes as the excitation wavelength is tuned near its absorption maxima of 528 nm. Specifically, the central wavelength of the femtosecond laser pulse was set to 535 nm and to 560 nm while the respective spectra of the photon-echo signals were collected. This gives information on how the ultrafast dynamics of the Rh6G molecule changes with a change in the excitation wavelength.
  Rhodamine-6G; Photon-echo spectroscopy; Coherence; Population dynamics  

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