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  Journal of Spectroscopy and Dynamics 2013, 3: 20
  Research Article
On the origin of the green and violet photoluminescence in the selenium implanted silica films
  A. F. Zatsepina, E. A. Buntova, V. S. Kortova, V. A. Pustovarova, H. -J. Fittingb  
a Ural Federal University, Mira 19, 620002 Ekaterinburg, Russia
b Department of Physics, University of Rostock, Universitätsplatz 3, D-18051 Rostock, Germany

  The results of low-temperature photoluminescence (PL) investigation of thin SiO2 films implanted with Se+ ions are presented. Besides selenium nanoclusters luminescence (1.8 eV), SiO2:Se+ films demonstrate intensive PL bands in the green and violet spectral regions. Their exclusive occurrence in the nanostructured samples points out their nanocluster-matrix interface origin. The green band has three components ascribed to local surface defects and self-trapped excitons. The violet elementary band is related to triplet transitions of selenium-related oxygen-deficient centers.
  Silica films; Ion implantation; Selenium; Photoluminescence; Oxygen-deficient centers  

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