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  Journal of Spectroscopy and Dynamics 2014, 4: 13
  Research Article
Differential scanning calorimetry with curve-fitting technique used to study thermally-induced dehydration and recrystallization of metoclopramide HCL monohydrate
  Shan-Yang Lin, Wen-Ting Cheng  
Department of Biotechnology, Yuanpei University, Hsin Chu, Taiwan, ROC
  This work aimed to determine the phase transition of thermally-induced dehydration and recrystallization processes of metoclopramide HCl monohydrate (MCP HCl H2O) by curve fitting technique via thermal analysis. MCP HCl H2O was investigated using DSC and TG analyses with various heating rates. The curve-fitting technique was applied to estimate the enthalpy changes of solid-solid phase transformation from DSC curves. The thermally-pretreated samples were also determined by FTIR microspectroscopy. The results indicate that one endothermic peak with a shoulder and one exothermic peak were successively observed in the DSC curve of MCP HCl H2O within 60-100°C. The former endothermic peak with 63.76±2.37 KJ/mol was due to the dehydration of MCP HCl H2O and formation of amorphous MCP HCl, while the latter exothermic peak with 10.78±0.89 KJ/mol was attributed to the recrystallization of amorphous MCP HCl and formation of anhydrous MCP HCl. The enthalpy of dehydration process of MCP HCl H2O was significantly changed with the increase of heating rate, whereas the enthalpy of recrystallization for amorphous MCP HCl was almost a constant. The FTIR spectra of the preheated samples also confirmed that MCP HCl H2O was first dehydrated and became an amorphous form of MCP HCl in the heating course, then recrystallized to an anhydrous MCP HCl, and finally formed a glass state of MCP HCl after cooling. The present study suggests that the curve-fitting DSC analysis is availably used to investigate the enthalpy changes in the continuous process of dehydration of MCP HCl H2O and recrystallization of amorphous MCP HCl.
  Metoclopramide HCL monohydrate; Dehydration; Recrystallization; Phase transformation; Curve-fitting  

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